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Handcrafting signature textile designs and illustrations for conscientious brands.

About Kerryn

Handcrafting signature prints is at the heart of what I do. A textile designer and illustrator who traded living in a concrete jungle for a front row ticket by the sea.

For years, I gained big agency experience in Sydney before skipping over to sunny Queensland, where I live my passion every day, surrounded by nature and the ocean on my doorstep. I help individuals and brands with exclusive:

- Textile designs (from tea towels to entire fashion labels)

- Illustrations

- Commissioned prints

- Access to signature patterns in my design vault

My work reflects my adoration for art, fashion and nature and no two pieces are the same. I specialise in creating signature designs and prints that challenge temporary trends. In other words, my designs are carefully handcrafted without an expiration date.

Who I've worked with

My design process

First things first - I seek inspiration.

Depending on the products, client and project scope, my inspiration is driven by nature, art, plants, sustainable fashion and wanderlust. I work with clients who have a keen eye for exclusive prints, as well as conscientious and responsible brands that want to add a handcrafter’s touch to their label.

Moving from the mood board to a fresh canvas, I begin drawing, painting and creating patterns and designs that stand the test of time.

I carefully incorporate my designs into the digital space, without compromising the quality and integrity of the original print. My designs can be spotted in both men’s and women’s fashion, on homewares, baby products and more.

Working with me

Creating thoughtful designs with the future of our planet in mind

The future of sustainable fashion remains at the top of mind throughout my design process. I'm a strong advocate for handcrafted, boutique label designs and seek to work with conscientious people and brands who share the same values.

If you'd like to work with a featured industry professional who's got big agency know-how and a creative eye for detail, let's work together.

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