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Handcrafting signature textile designs and illustrations for conscientious brands.

Signature design, for those short on time

A collection of handcrafted, ready-to-buy designs from my exclusive print library.

Design creatives, like myself, make a living by passionately bringing unique designs to life for those who love and appreciate our craft.

Request access to my prints

As a creative, I’m never too far from a blank canvas and a world of inspiration, which means I end up creating prints for the passion of it. I end up loving them so much I pop them into my exclusive collection online for visitors to have a look through, in case there’s a ready-made pattern they want to licence. Request access to my exclusive library and see if there’s something you like. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 - Let me know you want access 

Enter your details below  and I’ll get notified straight away that you’d like access to my exclusive prints.

Step 2 - Awaiting approval

I’ll hop in and check over the details (read: make sure you’re not a robot) and, more likely than not, I’ll approve your access so you can have a peek through my designs.

Step 3 - Scroll away

I’d love to say you can take your time here, but the access is granted for a limited time only (approximately 2 days), as it limits the amount of people who have access to my prints at one time. If you see something you like, simply follow the prompts to purchase the print online or email me if you’d like more time in my library.

Step 4 - Signed, sealed delivered to your inbox

The purchased design will then be sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox (whichever option works best for you)  Please note, this is a manual process and all requests must be approved before you can gain access to the library.

Request access to my prints

Design services

If you need any help with the process, please reach out. If you’ve got more time on your hands and would prefer to have a design tailor-made to your own project, I offer a signature design process that provides exclusive textile creation and licensing from beginning to end.

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